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I am in the process of starting a business.  Despite my Master’s in Business Administration, I do not have a business plan. I have no idea how I will scale the business so that it will be profitable. I do not have a elevator pitch prepared for potential meetings with angel investors. I have no plans to hire anyone, and so, have not established a proposed organizational chart. There is a marketing plan but no marketing budget. My accounting consists of a checkbook register.

In fact, the only thing my MBA has been good for is pointing out all of my insufficiencies and the potential pitfalls of my new venture. And I’m pretty sure I could have foreseen those $28,000 ago.

I do, however, have an exit strategy. Well, “strategy” might be misleading. The goal is to sell my company to Enesco, LLC in 5 years time for a half a million dollars. “Dream” might be a more appropriate term.

In any case, I feel the need for a logo to go with my website (currently under construction).  What do you think of the sketches below?

Which do you like better — Gift Bear or Balloon Bear?



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