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So, as you may have noticed, Becky’s solo venture has resulted in a serious paucity of entries on East of Mina. I plan on still using this site for all things personal (there may be an up-tick in posts after baby arrives) but I have also decided to try my literary wings in a new sector of the blogosphere as a guest political writer for R.J. Moeller’s blog.

I’ll be posting there once a week in 4-part series on various topics and I would love to have you check them out/subscribe. Here’s the introduction, explaining my project, and my first article on Immigration.

What I like about RJ is his desire to spark conversations by engaging different viewpoints, while remaining rooted in his faith. He just did a podcast with liberal comedian, Adam Carolla; feel free to check it out.



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Test of Blogging Through Word

I just discovered that Microsoft Office 2007 lets me create a “New Document” or a “New Blog Post.” I’m still not sure how to process this revelation, so here I am, trying it out.

And if it works, I might as well add that Becky and I are in the processing of making some positive changes to our blog. Unfortunately, my life has gotten significantly busier in the past two weeks and Becky doesn’t have internet at her new apartment yet. So be on the look out for us in February.


<January 24th addition: I think the option of “New Blog Post” right next to “New Document” caught me off guard because it made me realize just how ubiquitous blogging has become. I mean, Microsoft thought that enough people would value the “New Blog Post” feature to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars figuring out how to match it up with a variety of blogging sites so that you can blog without even getting online. Boggles the mind.>

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Call Us Eclectic

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One of the reasons I like having a blog is it offers a platform for networking with people one would otherwise never bump into. For instance, while researching the idea of “anam cara” today, I found this lady’s blog: http://anam-cara.typepad.com/

It seems she likes photography (like me, she prefers the non-people shots) and has a beautiful array of Oxford pictures which nearly broke my heart. I like her selection of books,she posts on art and faith. She calls herself “a relentless pursuer of beauty and truth.”


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WordPress  has this great little feature called “Blog Stats” that amuses me.

For example, yesterday, people visited our blog because they searched the following terms:

presidential candidates + convictions
cat has a whistle in her nose
theology on two legs

I love how eclectic we are.

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